Setting the mood and tone of the home

I’m sitting here looking at the new Decor Elements (vinyl wall adhesives) and frame I just hung on my wall.  It’s so much fun to give a new look to a room by making a small change.  Sometimes all it takes is a little something new.  New wall hangings, a new knick knack or some different lighting can make all the difference in the world.

Have you ever notice how something as simple as dimmed lights sets the mood of a roomright away?  Nobody has to stand at the door and point it out.  Nobody has to tell the occumpants of the room to talk a little softer or be a little calmer (well, not with adults anyway.  It just happens naturally.  A dimmly lit room sets a mood, a tone so to say.

There are times when it would be nice to set the mood of a room even in my own home.  I would love to be able to dim the lights after my sons have had their baths and they’re reading on the floor with Daddy.  A full belly, nice warm bath followed by a dimmly lit room with a story, what better recipe is there for getting ready for bed?  I wouldn’t even mind dim lights when I’m reading before bed.

What about when that migraine is coming on and all you want is to get away from the bright lights blaring in your eyes or when sitting down to watch that favorite movie.  The normal lights are too bright but turning them off makes the flashing of the screen hurt the eyes.  Of course dim lights are also great for that home cooked candlelight meal or that romantic time sitting on the coach in front of the fireplace.  Lighting really cann change the way a day is going.

I’ve been looking at the options The Home Automation Store offers for dimming the lights.  Their options do not require new wiring of the home (very important!) or high cost.  A few little things and we’re ready dim or brighten those lights to our hearts delight.

The SL575 Dimmable Screw-in Lamp Module is the quick solution to having dimmable lights in your home.  This module screws in to your lamp or recessed light and then you screw in your bulb.  Easily program it to an X10 remote or an X10 switch.  Some great options to check out, for controling the light, would be the KR22A CreditCard Thin Remote Control and the WS12A Decorator Dimmer Switch.

Dimmed lights sound like just what we need around here to set the tone in our house.  Maybe one of these days, when we’re settled in our own home we’ll invest.  It sounds wondeful!

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