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Securing Family Memories on a Flash Drive

Christmas has just passed, but I want to talk about family traditions that happen around this time of the year. One of the most popular family traditions at Christmas time, like my family, is to get family portraits taken so they can be sent out to the family members and friends scattered throughout the country. It’s a pretty big ordeal in my family, actually. We all have to get dressed up, preferably matching, and make sure to look our best. We pile into the car and drive to the portrait studio, usually fighting about something silly by the time we get there.

Once we’re there, we fall out of the car, and walk into the studio. After waiting ten to twenty minutes (portrait studios are never on time during the Christmas season), we all follow a photographer into a room with a backdrop of a green Christmas tree with ornaments on it and presents under it. We do as he tells us, moving this way and tilting our heads that way. Finally, the Christmas poses are done and we follow him, once again, into another room with a few plain backdrops. There we get individual and group shots done, after which we follow the photographer to a computer station.

There we spend fifteen minutes picking out our favorite poses and Christmas card designs. Then he whips out a CD, loads it into the computer, and puts all of the pictures on it since we bought one of the most expensive packages. While it’s nice to get all of our approved pictures instead of losing them once he closes the system, getting them on the CD is not ideal.

I don’t know about your family, but mine can be pretty forgetful or destructive (usually accidentally, of course). For a CD, this is just a recipe for disaster. The CD gets lost. It breaks. The dogs knock it on the floor, and it gets all scratched up. That poor CD is ruined before we even had the chance to get all of the images off of it. We spent all that money, and ended up losing half of the pictures taken anyway.

Rather than putting the images on a CD, CFgear can provide these studios with a better solution. Flash drives act just like CDs and hold even more data in a more secure fashion. If the photographer loaded those pictures onto a flash drive with a key chain, those pictures wouldn’t get lost in between the seats of the vehicle or on the dining table. Once my mother attached it to her key ring, it’s safe from being misplaces. There’s no chance that the pictures will be lost if the flash drive gets scratched. The casing is made to protect it from such instances. If photography studios used the flash drive, it would surely outlast the CD, and what better way to promote the studio than engraving the company’s name and logo onto the flash drive?

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