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ShakeMilk.com – Shake Milk, Not Stirred — Page 2

Take Care With New Shoe Trend

Fashions trends often appear to have the health of people in mind and sometimes this is the truth. Whether that trend is helpful or not, time will tell. A new popular option for toning on-the-go is rocker-bottom shoes, also known as toning shoes or round bottom shoes. These unique shoes were debuted with MBT and […]

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Tips for Celebrating Your Daughter’s Sweet 16

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A girl’s Sweet 16 is a huge deal. Many parents spend hundreds of dollars on venues, catering, the cake, invitations, etc. to make their daughter’s special day the best. So they tend to be expensive parties, even for the most frugal party planner, but, by using the Brilliant Interface, CFgear flash drives can help you […]

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Thornton Auto Has Your New Car!

Looking for a pre-owned vehicle or brand new Chevrolet in the York, Lancaster or Harrisburg area? Where better to look than the fully stocked lots of Manchester Motors, Brookside Motors or Thornton Chevrolet. Offering hundreds of cars at reasonable prices, Thornton Auto has what you need to be prepared for the upcoming winter season.

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Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad During College

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Studying abroad is a great opportunity that you might never see again after you graduate from college, yet, unfortunately, many students fail to take advantage of the opportunity. There are a number of excuses for not studying abroad, but most of them are simply not valid.

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Exotic vs. Domestic Hardwood Floors

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Domestic and exotic hardwood dealers, such as J. Gibson McIlvain are seeing continued growth in the demand for exotic hardwoods, particularly for use in exotic hardwood floors. Domestic hardwoods have traditionally been used for this now-trendy application, so the comparison is natural. One particular pair of woods that begs comparison is the domestic hardwood, Black […]

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CFpromo: An American Company

Made in Korea. Made in China. Made in Thailand. This is a time where it seems like everything is stamped with another country’s seal. Not with CFpromo. Our company is based in South Dakota, United States of America. We process everything through our warehouses located there. A product may be inspired by or come from […]

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Branded Promotional Products: CFpromo’s Schindler Padfolio

Marketing is essential for every business and organization. Without marketing, how will the public know about your product or service? One excellent type of marketing tool is personalized promotional products, but why risk your brand by purchasing promotional products from a low-quality bargain manufacturer? Instead, purchase high-quality promotional products from CFpromo, a reliable and trustworthy […]

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Reasons to Sell Your Business

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Too often, business owners miss perfect opportunities to sell their business because they are considering all the wrong aspects of the sale. While sale price is certainly very important, it should not be the only factor driving you to sell. For example, if you’re considering selling, there are definitely reasons behind the thought, and you […]

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How Baby Boomers Will Affect Business Sales

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The collective retirement of the Baby Boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964 who make up some 78 million Americans, will have an enormous impact on the future of buying and selling businesses. In the past, businesses were transferred to the next generation within the family, but with less than 1/3 of business ownership transfers […]

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Teen Shoplifting

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During my Freshman year of high school, I had a best friend who was partaking in shoplifting on a weekly basis. She didn’t do it for the merchandise, she didn’t do it to look cool, nor did she do it because she didn’t have the money. Instead, she did it for the thrill of doing […]

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