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Out With The Old, In With The New – Employee Handbook

Between firing the old and hiring the new, you are physically and emotionally exhausted. Yet again, you’re ordering new employee handbooks for the dozen newbies you are about to hire, yet frustrated beyond belief that you had to fire so many employees. Between the slackers and quitters, you feel as if you don’t have enough time getting to know your staff, simply because you are putting too much effort by providing exceptional employee and customer relations.

Why then, are you wasting your time, money, and efforts in ordering new handbooks, improving those handbooks, then having to order more to keep up with the changing of time? Why are you sending out employee newsletters on a regular basis when you could be putting that, including the employee handbooks, all on customized bulk flash drives?

How easy would it be to have your company’s website, mission statements, history, employee benefits, scheduling, objectives, sales quota, job descriptions and more, all on one personalized flash drive? Not only would you be promoting your company through product placement, seeing as how employees will show off their customized gear, but you will also be ensuring organization for your staff while saving money.

CFgear is an innovative technology company focused on delivering creative marketing solutions for corporations, companies, entrepreneurial start ups utilizing custom branded flash drives. They help establish customer and employee relations through customized, preloaded USB flash drives that can be duplicated by the thousands.

By using a flash drive as the sole resource for your company, you will be able to ensure organization and save money, by having those who fire or quit give the flash drives back to you upon departure. I’m sure you’re wondering now, what if they break? What if they malfunction? The answer is simple: CFgear offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and no-hassle warranty. Not to mention, the malfunction of the flash drive is equivalent to less than 1%.

Once the employee opens plugs in the flash drive, they will be graced with the presence of a modern, professionalized layout, provided with easy navigation to specified elements of the handbook, and navigation to your company’s public website and private employee blog.

Within the blog, you can place the employee’s schedule online, and never have to worry about a new employee forgetting the site to spot their hours. Pretty neat, right?

Not only that, your company is now being environmentally and economically friendly, which now gives you the opportunity for free publicity and new press releases. The opportunities are endless.

So throw out those employee handbooks, but keep one to laugh back on. Now is your time to shine, become stress free, update and save your company the green dollars while saving the environment some green trees. In the end, everyone is happy. Call CFgear today.

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