Goodbye to a Great Friend

I have a friend who just recently graduated from high school. He was homeschooled by his mother and received a very good education. His mother is a very talented artist who took his schooling very seriously. She went outside the bounds of structured curriculum and researched unusual ways to give him a well rounded education. He was very fortunate that she was able to hone in on some of his interest and she took the time to develop those areas. The end result is a person who has outstanding talent in photography, graphic designing and computer skills to include both software and hardware. He now works for a reputable company in town and is paid well for his talents. He uses all of them to produce some fantastic products in which the customers are extremely pleased with.

Recently he was showing me a picture of a single cream colored rose that he had photographed. It was a beautiful picture. The background was a dark green and every petal of the rose could be seen. It was phenomenal and certainly prize worthy. He was able to load the picture onto his school flash drive and transport the picture to various other places. I have no doubt that I’ll be using this picture sometime. It amazes me that such imagines of beauty can be so easily transported and used in such a variety of things.

The other night, I had him come to my house to resolve some computer issues I was having. Like a good computer tech, he brought his laptop and flash drive with him. We were able to narrow down my problem with his ability to diagnose ailing electronics to my failing motherboard. At one point during our examination, I had plugged in my Lexar Jump Drive to transfer a file when he commented that mine was a simple 128mb drive and that his latest purchase was an 8GB School flash drive. Wowing over his latest toy then took up some valuable time.

Unfortunately for me, he will be heading off to the other side of the country to go to school next fall. I shall miss his talent tremendously. We have worked side by side for the last three or four years in the audio/visual capacity at our church. He has kept me on my toes and challenged my technological abilities. He is a smart cookie and I have no doubt that he will do well for himself. As for me, I have been blessed in the few years that I have known him. There are very few people who can challenge my thinking in the technical realm without making me feel as if I’m a complete idiot. He has the special knack of being able to present an idea or product to me and show me where I would win with it. I want to wish him well. He is a valuable asset to me and I will certainly be lost without him.

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