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Forest Hill, Maryland Personal Fitness Trainer

YES! That stands for You’re Extra Special!

While you undoubtedly have large areas of interest and abilities that overlap with other people, each person has unique combinations of abilities, needs, likes, dislikes and so forth that makes them one-of-a-kind . . . and therefore, special! And because you are special, you need someone to focus in on YOUR needs, YOUR abilities and YOUR likes and dislikes when you start looking for a Personal Trainer to help you meet YOUR goals.

That’s where I come in!

Dave Holbrook, a personal fitness trainer in Forest Hill, Maryland, has been helping people improve their bodies, increase their strength, improve their health and fitness while improving their sense of well-being for over 30 years. That’s been taking place right here in Harford county, Maryland since Dave started his own weight training class while still a student at Bel Air High School. In the more than 30 years since then, Dave has helped countless people move off the couch and into a lifestyle of health and fitness that has changed – and even saved – lives. Dave worked as Fitness Instructor during his career with the Harford County Sheriff’s Dept and created and implemented the exercise program for the county Detention Center. Dave was awarded Harford county’s fittest employee the only year the contest was held and also was the Detention Center’s fittest employee at the ripe old age of 48 – while competing mainly against 20 something year old co-workers!

Dave knows what works, what doesn’t . . . and what works only for certain people. He knows how hard to push you within your limits to stimulate the improvements you’re after. He knows how to keep you safe . . . but still keep you moving slightly outside your comfort zone. Dave conducts Health and Medical screenings with everyone who trains with him to ensure each student’s safety. Physical ability assessments are done to find out where you are physically and what you will be able to do. Once goals are set, Dave creates an exercise routine designed specifically for YOU and YOUR desires using YOUR abilities as a baseline. Take a look at the testimonials on my website, or better yet, talk to anyone who has trained with me. Poke around my site, see if you think I might be just what you’re looking for and contact me so we can get you started in the right direction.

Dave serves those looking to increase their fitness within the Harford county, Maryland area including Forest Hill, Bel Air, Fallston and Jarrettsville.

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