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In the midst of today’s browsing, I’ve discovered a term that’s new to me–”Design Build.” It’s the term that D.R. Hartman Construction, Inc. specified for their preferred method of handling construction and remodeling projects.

After a quick surf through Google to Wikipedia, I learned that the term is not peculiar to D.R. Hartman. Apparently, it’s a whole branch of the construction industry. The main idea is that one company stays involved–in charge, really–all the way through the project, from the first plans through to the final installment of the fixtures. That company, usually a general contractor, works with the home or business owner to design the new or revamped construction, and then they take care of the permits and the architectural drawings. Once the initial stages are successfully passed, they move along with getting the rough materials, as well as the ”fancy stuff.”

It’s an interesting idea, and it’s incredibly logical. When a company has all the necessary resources, it only makes sense to have one company take care of the whole project, rather than chopping it up into little bits that are then rationed out to multiple companies who may or may not be interested in talking to the other companies to make sure everything lines up and fits together, as a completed whole.

How very nice it must be to have one place to contact, no matter what the question or comment might be regarding! Besides which, if . . . no, make that when changes are made, after the original plans and drawings were submitted and approved for permits, everybody who was involved at the beginning is still around and very much involved, so changes don’t have to be as complicated. With only one company planning the work, you don’t have to worry about lines of communication getting crossed as easily, so materials are a whole lot more likely to be where they’re supposed to be, when the work is scheduled to be done. The headaches of construction and remodeling diminish with every newly-considered aspect of the project!

Hartman has a pretty impressive portfolio, and they even have a gallery set up on-line, with a good sampling of their work, both residential and commercial. They do a variety of work in the residential realm, from bathrooms, to kitchens, to decks, to complete houses, and their offerings for commercial buildings are no less impressive, although with the commercial, they focus more on remodeling, rather than new construction.

Judging from their testimonial page, D.R. Hartman’s customers are pleased with their work, not only with the construction and remodeling that they do, but also with the steel buildings they sell and assemble. It’s amazing how many options there are, in the world of building, and D.R. Hartman seems to be well-equipped to make the options available, as they work with their clients toward the completion of their dreams.

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