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Controlling Volume Levels With Perforated Acoustic Panels

In areas such as school classrooms, movie theaters, presentation rooms, offices, treatment plants, factories,and even airports, sound absorption is very important. Because these buildings often house a large number of people, the noise level can quickly get out of control. In a building that is designed with 20 presentation rooms, guests in one room do not want to hear presentation material from the room three doors down. A factory full of machines can quickly cause enough noise to bother the employees and even neighboring businesses or homes.

In order to properly sound absorb these types of buildings, perforated metal acoustic panels must be used. The acoustic panels will reduce noise levels and control reverberation. In many buildings, communication is an essential part of presentations, directions, and instructions. Using perforated metal acoustic panels can help make this difficult task a lot easier.

The acoustic panels can be rugged enough to serve a purpose in a factory or industry area. However, they can also be custom designed to be attractive enough to be placed in areas such as a gymnasium or sports stadium. The panels can be installed on a certain percentage of the wall or ceiling to allow enough coverage to absorb noise, without overtaking the style and design of the building.

In an airport where airplanes are constantly landing and taking off right above waiting passengers’ heads, acoustic panels play a vital role. Typically installed in the ceilings, perforated metal acoustic panels help reduce the noise associated with airplanes in order to make a more comfortable environment for airport employees and passengers.

Acoustic panels can also be integrated into a busy roadway or even railway. These acoustic panels serve as a barrier between residential communities or businesses and the busy roadway. Many residents living near a busy highway or railway cannot even open their windows because of the noise made from cars and tractor trailers. Perforated metal barriers and acoustic panels can help decrease noise to a tolerable decibel that will allow for outdoor conversation and enjoyment.

Perforated metal acoustic panels serve a very important function in office buildings, airports, movie theaters, schools, and even residential communities to help lower noise levels and allow for more comfortable communications.

You may consider adding wavy, acoustic panels to your reception area to reduce noise. Or, you may want flat acoustic panels integrated into the walls surrounding a gymnasium or swimming pool. Perhaps you want the size of the perforation holes to be large enough to allow for air flow, yet not really noticeable. You can custom design the panels to have perforations specific to your size, pattern, and design. Hendrick Manufacturing will work with a customer to help deliver perforated metal acoustic panels that are attractive while serving the desired function.

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