Wire Baskets

Sterilizing Surgical Implants with Custom Wire Baskets

It’s not one of those things you discuss at the dinner table, necessarily, but amputations, replacement organs, and other surgical implants are a fact of life for some people. For some people, implants may be “elective,” but for many others, they are life saving or, at the very least, life enhancing. Modern medicine has come […]

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Odd Jobs to Pay for College

Trying to make money to get by as a young person often brings the opportunity for odd jobs. I know it did for me, at least. I had some pretty low paying, funky jobs over the years. I was a maid, worked in a pet shop, and was even a roller skating waitress. As I moved on to […]

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A Tisket, a Tasket

I just read most of an article with instructions on how to make your own “vintage” wire basket, using only wire hangers (the kind you use for dress shirts) and floral wire, plus the tools and a few optional parts. Really, it’s a pretty good idea, if you have the patience and time, and you want something […]

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