The Robot-Run Home

Watch that Baby with a Child Monitoring System

Most working mothers are afraid to leave their babies even for a minute away from their eyes, but the norms of working often force them to leave their children in the care of housekeepers. A new technology in the form of closed circuit cameras is making life easier for moms who want to work and still […]

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Setting the mood and tone of the home

I’m sitting here looking at the new Decor Elements (vinyl wall adhesives) and frame I just hung on my wall.  It’s so much fun to give a new look to a room by making a small change.  Sometimes all it takes is a little something new.  New wall hangings, a new knick knack or some different lighting […]

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Turn out the light after you hop in bed

Yet, again, we were both in bed, and neither of us had turned out the overhead light. In the almost two years we’ve been married, I’ve run out of fingers and toes to count the number of times we both assume the other will turn out the overhead light and end up cozied under the […]

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