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Take Care With New Shoe Trend

Fashions trends often appear to have the health of people in mind and sometimes this is the truth. Whether that trend is helpful or not, time will tell. A new popular option for toning on-the-go is rocker-bottom shoes, also known as toning shoes or round bottom shoes. These unique shoes were debuted with MBT and […]

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Exercise For Your Age

Like most other things in life, the amount of exercise required changes with age. Older athletes need to shift focus from strengthening to maintaining and even slow down as they age. Physical therapists often see orthopedic injuries due to over exercise. The stress of exercise weakens the body over time, thus and older person must […]

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Forest Hill, Maryland Personal Fitness Trainer

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YES! That stands for You’re Extra Special! While you undoubtedly have large areas of interest and abilities that overlap with other people, each person has unique combinations of abilities, needs, likes, dislikes and so forth that makes them one-of-a-kind . . . and therefore, special! And because you are special, you need someone to focus […]

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