Why Dried Lumber?

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Working with wood is a joy and wonder around the world. Some of the most luxurious pieces of furniture or architecture around are wooden. Regardless of the species, all wood must properly dry before any project can begin. The organic nature of wood is its strongest aspect and its downfall. The expanding and shrinking properties […]

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3 Steps To A Stunning Ipe Deck

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Building a deck from Ipe lumber ensures quality and beauty for many years to come. Paying close attention to details such as choosing a lumber supplier or selecting what type of fasteners to use is crucial to a quality outcome. J. Gibson McIlvain, a wholesale exotic lumber supplier, suggests the following three steps to a […]

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Exotic vs. Domestic Hardwood Floors

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Domestic and exotic hardwood dealers, such as J. Gibson McIlvain are seeing continued growth in the demand for exotic hardwoods, particularly for use in exotic hardwood floors. Domestic hardwoods have traditionally been used for this now-trendy application, so the comparison is natural. One particular pair of woods that begs comparison is the domestic hardwood, Black […]

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How Metal Screens Are Utilized in Water Management Systems

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Continuing with our overview of the many uses and applications of perforated metal panels, today we’ll look at how metal screens are utilized in water management systems, such as reservoirs, dams, fishing hatcheries, and power plants. Perforated and profile bar metal screens and panels are an integral part of high-volume water intake facilities from both […]

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Building an Addition

Building an addition can create more space while saving you the hassle of moving into a new home. And, of course, building an addition will add value to almost any home. While adding onto your home can be a pretty big project, depending on your skill level, it can also be one you can do […]

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Design Build

In the midst of today’s browsing, I’ve discovered a term that’s new to me–”Design Build.” It’s the term that D.R. Hartman Construction, Inc. specified for their preferred method of handling construction and remodeling projects. After a quick surf through Google to Wikipedia, I learned that the term is not peculiar to D.R. Hartman. Apparently, it’s a […]

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