Bulk Flash Drives for Churches & Evangelism

I was so desperate for a vacation. I boarded flight 1892 to Honolulu with the hopes that as soon as I sat down, the pressure of the world would melt away with the increase of cabin pressure. A lot of alone time would help. I needed time to reflect on my job and also on my relationships, my commitments and my direction in life. At this point my life seems as about as full as one could get it but I felt so completely empty. My most immediate concern was that whoever sat down beside me would just leave me alone.

I boarded the Boeing 767 and took my window seat with grace. Leaning my head back and on the window, I closed my eyes, thinking that if I appeared to be asleep, the person next to me wouldn’t try to talk to me. As the plane began to take off, I couldn’t help but notice that my seat mate had his keys in his hand. There was a really neat looking gadget attached to the ring but I was unable to determine exactly what it was. I tried my best to get a good glimpse of it without looking as if I was staring at it but it really had me intrigued. What could it be? It has some writing on it but I was too far away and didn’t have my glasses on to see what the lettering was.

The flight settled out at approximately 20,000 feet, and the guy got up and got his computer down from the overhead bin. He saw me staring at his key chain that he had left lying on the seat between us. I briefly glanced at him and then looked away. He had smiled back and said hello. Oh great. Just what I didn’t want to happen, have a conversation. None the less, I was obliged to reply with a cheerful greeting. He then said “I noticed you have been staring at my keys.” I informed him that I was trying to figure out what that gadget was on his key ring. He picked it up and showed me. It was a customized USB flash drive, executive style. The lettering spelled out “The Key to Life”.

I had to ask. “What’s The Key to Life?” He smiled and replied, “I’m glad you asked. Let me show you.” He plugged the USB Flash drive into his computer and uploaded the file. I was instantly captured. It was a presentation on the Wordless Book. It held the answer to my emptiness. Never would I have thought that a simple gadget would rearrange my life to show me a path that gave me the meaning to life. I was instantly changed; transformed into a new person. I had to ask where he had obtained such a life altering gadget. He explained to me that he worked for a mission board and that they had a promotional flash drive company produce in bulk USB flash drives with the Wordless Book preloaded on it. They would be giving these flash drives out to various people with the hopes of transforming lives just like mine was.

“Do you have anymore? I would love to have one to take with me.” He smiled and handed me a handful of them out of his briefcase. “Give them out and fulfill your commission.”

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