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Band & Artist Promotion With Custom Flash Drives

For a musician attempting to get a recording contract with a music producer, finding a way to get your music heard is often the hardest part. Your band may have created some of the most unique, tune-happy songs ever. However, how do you plan on signing a contract if nobody will even take the time to listen to your music?

Music producers will get dozens or even hundreds of sample CDs every single day. In the sea of samples, they may find a few possible recording artists. However, most CDs are simply thrown in the garbage and forgotten.

Perhaps the way the artist is marketing his/her music sample is one reason why the producer may never give it a chance. The producer is probably tired of seeing the same old CD with a homemade case and paper inserts. If you send them a CD with your name written on it in Sharpie ink, chances are they will merely laugh at you and throw it away.

Sometimes the best thing to do is catch the music producer’s attention right away. A general, plain CD is not the way to do this.

Instead, have a flash drive manufacturer customize a flash drive that will look professional and unique from the other applicants. The best companies for flash drives in Australia, the US, and the UK can customize the outside of the flash drive in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. Perhaps you want to keep the flash drive in a circle shape to mimic a CD appearance. A popular choice is the Magnifico, a round shaped flash drive that has plenty of room for a name or logo.

You must also consider the color. Using Pantone color choices, some designers can color match up to 4 different colors to make your logo and flash drive stand out.

Your sample music can be uploaded onto the flash drives, along with pictures or videos. Perhaps a few pictures or a short clip of your band rocking out at a local event could be beneficial.

Be sure to utilize INSTARUN technology, which loads a custom interface on the flash drive. As soon as the producer plugs the flash drive into his/her computer, a picture, video, or message can instantly pop up. You can also choose to have links to your website, Facebook, or Twitter account.

You can purchase as many of these flash drives as you want. They can be sent to possible producers, music publishing companies, and even local organizations or companies. You may get a few gigs lined up to play a county fair or community event. You may even get a return phone call from a producer.

If you are looking for a way to set your sample music apart from your many competitors, consider having custom design bulk flash drives built for you. Their professional, unique appearance will catch anyone’s eyes.

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