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ShakeMilk.com – Shake Milk, Not Stirred

Many nutritionists and doctors claim that high fructose corn syrup will be the death of us. Dr. Oz, a nationally syndicated columnist and television host specializing in health, says that the average American ingests a whopping 70 pounds of added sugars each year.

That is more than one and 1/3 extra pounds per week. I admit that I do often indulge in sweets after a long, stressful week, but overall, I cannot imagine myself taking in that much extra sugar. Sugar in moderation is supposed to be beneficial to the human body, but an increasing number of studies are suggesting that more so than natural sugar, high fructose corn syrup contributes to obesity, diabetes, dangerous organ fat build-up, and many more health risks.  It’s a fine example of how even too much of a good thing can turn sour. [click to continue…]


A bowl of cake batter should be neverending. Whenever I bake a cake, I try to save as much as the batter as possible for myself. And sure, I admit that sometimes I whip up a batch of cake batter, and before the oven even gets preheated, half of the bowl disappears. Cake batter is a sure favorite of mine, and another favorite sweet treat of mine are milkshakes. Nothing solves a craving for sweets like a thick, creamy milkshake. [click to continue…]


Milkshakes Help My Pain Go Away

Everyone has their vices… some people smoke, some drink alcohol, and some eat to deal with everyday stress. I have to admit, my vice is food. And one of the best ways to deal with my stress, especially after having a particularly bad day, is by drinking my pain away. That means I usually will […]

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Custom Flash Drives: Photographers New Best Friends

Thumbnail image for Custom Flash Drives: Photographers New Best Friends

The world of professional photographers continues to grow as technology explodes. New cameras and computers programs open the horizon of photographs for customization and personalization like never before. All of this information can get lost in the shuffle for a photographer just trying to earn a living. CFgear wants to make professional photography a little […]

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Why Dried Lumber?

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Working with wood is a joy and wonder around the world. Some of the most luxurious pieces of furniture or architecture around are wooden. Regardless of the species, all wood must properly dry before any project can begin. The organic nature of wood is its strongest aspect and its downfall. The expanding and shrinking properties […]

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CFpromo’s Tripp Can Holder for Fair Giveaways

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For businesses and organizations looking to market themselves to the public, promotional products are often a smart choice. CFpromo’s promotional products are top-of-the-line quality, useful everyday items that can be customized to reflect the personality and style of your business.

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3 Steps To A Stunning Ipe Deck

Thumbnail image for 3 Steps To A Stunning Ipe Deck

Building a deck from Ipe lumber ensures quality and beauty for many years to come. Paying close attention to details such as choosing a lumber supplier or selecting what type of fasteners to use is crucial to a quality outcome. J. Gibson McIlvain, a wholesale exotic lumber supplier, suggests the following three steps to a […]

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5 Homemade Ice Cream Milkshakes Not to Miss

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I am a firm believer that ice cream should have a food-group all to itself. It would consist of regular ice cream, sundaes, and milkshakes. Unfortunately, the USDA continues to disagree with me and recommends everyone to consume ice cream “sparingly.” My definition of “sparingly:” at least once a day or I will not sleep […]

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Become An Entrepreneur

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If you have ever dreamed of owning your own business, love all aspects of coffee making, enjoy spending much of your free time in coffee shops, and are always thinking of new combinations to try, whether it be your food or drink, then you might want to consider opening your own coffee shop.

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Chevrolet and the Volt in Pennsylvania

With one hundred years of history to its credit, Chevrolet is one of America’s oldest vehicle manufacturers. The world famous car company is responsible for such beloved models as the Equinox, the Tahoe, the Colorado, the Suburban, the Silverado, the Avalanche, the Traverse, the Malibu, the Camaro, and even the Corvette. Although the company, like […]

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